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Alternative press taken to a new level

A more objective approach

You do not have to be a genius to know it – press is not free. You can read the same news put out in three different ways, based on the interests behind the channel or publication. Alternative press is different and this is what we are the best at – we expose things as they are.

We leave no room for our hidden interests, but express our points of view in the most objective way – from news and updates to technology and nature. Check out our blog on news, as well as our recommendations on unique destinations, places to visit and things to do.

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Here at Sacree Planet, we believe in the power of alternative press. We will expose places that many would consider as hidden gems – places that you will never see in mainstream media.

There are no doubts about it – our nature has plenty to offer. You can discover a beautiful piece of heaven that only locals know about – one of those quiet places that have not been targeted by classic media ads. Be it in the mountains, in a picturesque village or on the seaside, one of those places can turn a classic weekend into the experience of a lifetime. These are the main standards we chose for our destination recommendations.

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Introducing our guests to counterculture destinations

You are familiar with this scenario – you watch a film with elves or other magical creatures and you see them hanging around those green paradisaic forests with crystal clear river streams. You can hear birds singing around and you know it feels like heaven. What if we told you such places actually exist, but they are not advertised for because there are no profits involved?

Here at Sacree Planete, we are specialized in alternative press and that includes everything – from news and science to tourism and traveling. Hear our recommendations and explore a new world that you are more likely to appreciate – the kind of place that you can enjoy without stepping on other visitors' toes. It makes no difference what you actually like – it could be the actual nature, beautiful villages or large cities with lots of attractions.

Go through our recommendations and feel free to explore our blog for more information regarding the light of alternative press.

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5 Exciting Place To Travel In Singapore

  1. Visiting Kampong in Lorong Buangkok
    It only takes about 20 minutes by bus from the city center area as you can until the last Kampong (meaning village) in Lorong Buangkok. This is the only bright spot of Singapore between urbanization storm. Ramparts behind trees, this vast land only a few houses with extremely modest life, in contrast to the bustle of the city luxuries.
  2. Shopping in Mustafa
    Located in Little India, Mustafa shopping center is always crowded tourists because open 24 hours. This center is one of the favorite shopping addresses of locals and tourists because of commodity abundance, diversity and moderate price. In particular, where you can bargain almost all items, from clothing, perfume, souvenirs, electronics, cosmetics, confectionery to food.
  3. Divination
    If you want to know the luck in the coming year your money, you can see a hexagram horoscope Kwan Im Thong Hood temple Kong Meng San Phor Cho or Kark. Also, along the Waterloo also had several teachers walking along with fortune telling parrot, they often predict the outcome of football matches.
  4. Experience the vibrant nightlife
    When night falls, Singapore put on a different image with vibrant nightlife and diverse entertainment choices. There are many nightclubs for those who love to party; play sportsbook, many bars, tea rooms to gourmet and entertainment areas for those who prefer the bustling atmosphere.
  5. Enjoy the cuisine of the indigenous way
    If you want to enjoy like the Singapore cuisine without spending a lot of money, the hawker center is an ideal address. You can find Indian dishes, Chinese dishes, dishes Malaysia … in the hawker center with affordable prices and of course the quality is also very great.

In addition, here are a few suggestions to help you discover the cuisine of Singapore like the natives:

  • Drinking coffee in plastic cups.
  • Enjoy ice cream sandwich clamp, this dish is often sold along Orchard Road.
  • Eat Breakfast Singapore style with coffee or tea, eggs and toast peach kaya.
  • Taste of durian.
  • Try the desserts like ice chendol or kachang.
  • Roti prata Enjoy.
  • Take part in a cooking class.