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A more objective approach

You do not have to be a genius to know it – press is not free. You can read the same news put out in three different ways, based on the interests behind the channel or publication. Alternative press is different and this is what we are the best at – we expose things as they are.

We leave no room for our hidden interests, but express our points of view in the most objective way – from news and updates to technology and nature. Check out our blog on news, as well as our recommendations on unique destinations, places to visit and things to do.

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Here at Sacree Planet, we believe in the power of alternative press. We will expose places that many would consider as hidden gems – places that you will never see in mainstream media.

There are no doubts about it – our nature has plenty to offer. You can discover a beautiful piece of heaven that only locals know about – one of those quiet places that have not been targeted by classic media ads. Be it in the mountains, in a picturesque village or on the seaside, one of those places can turn a classic weekend into the experience of a lifetime. These are the main standards we chose for our destination recommendations.

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Introducing our guests to counterculture destinations

You are familiar with this scenario – you watch a film with elves or other magical creatures and you see them hanging around those green paradisaic forests with crystal clear river streams. You can hear birds singing around and you know it feels like heaven. What if we told you such places actually exist, but they are not advertised for because there are no profits involved?

Here at Sacree Planete, we are specialized in alternative press and that includes everything – from news and science to tourism and traveling. Hear our recommendations and explore a new world that you are more likely to appreciate – the kind of place that you can enjoy without stepping on other visitors' toes. It makes no difference what you actually like – it could be the actual nature, beautiful villages or large cities with lots of attractions.

Go through our recommendations and feel free to explore our blog for more information regarding the light of alternative press.

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Track a Location of Mobile Phones

Can you trace a mobile phone’s location only by its phone number? To do so, there are actually two valid ways:

To find cell phone in specific country, you can trace the phone by its number using which uses localiser un portable technology. However the service might not be available worldwide, so you need to check its availability in your area.

The first technique is restricted in reach. You can’t identify the precise position of the phone owner. You can basically key in a phone number & locate the location of someone for free, their history of travel can not be registered.

A tracking app is involved in the second process. We will get more secure choice because it will use in-built Global Positioning System to locate the phone properly. The SIM tracker and these applications have also provided a location dependent on the network.

We will explain how to use to track. This technique is precise, effective, and quick.

Can I Watch a Mobile Phone’s Location

The first approach tells you how the website is used to locate someone’s place via mobile phone number. You can trace phone from your browser the location of the target mobile phone. You get updates daily.

For both the goal Android & iOS smartphones, functions. You get some monitoring capabilities that are noteworthy. Via the browser-based gui, you can monitor the system in live, you can keep eye on SIM, and even geo-fence:

Track locations: You can trace location in live. On virtual globe, all positions shows as pins. Any time the computer gets registered at a different site, a new pin appears.

Access a position log: This is location log which keeps sensitive information under hand. Place addresses that include street names, neighborhood details, & the city can be found. You can also use spatial coordinates as well.

Using Google Maps: With Google Map, Spyic also incorporates. For enhanced information of any area, using Google Map functionality & 3D View for a close-up look at all place.

Network-based locations is provided to you by the SIM tracker. It’s basically monitoring the positions of mobile phones by phone number:

Track a SIM details: In certain applications, you can trace a SIM details, also IMEI number & details of the network operator. If owner modifies phone number, you may also signup to get a message.

Follow locations: As it is put into the handset, all cellular operator monitors the SIM. This detail can be taken to you by certain applications through the SIM tracker

Types of Thai Amulets

Thai amulets is a traditional Buddhist sacred pendant which is often worn by many Thai Buddhists.

These amulets are not only a traditional ‘jewellery’ but are also worn to bring prosperity and wealth. There are different amulets for different purposes such as to bring luck, improve relationships for wealth health and many more.

These amulets are available in various sizes and shapes but are most often in a tablet form with the image of Lord Buddha or any famous Buddhist monk on them. Some of them are also present in form of statuettes. These are made in metal, ceramic, silver, gold, jade, wood, often times are made of temple dirt, monk’s hair as well as other relics. They are worn around one’s neck or anywhere above the waist.

The genuine Thai amulets are mostly given by Buddhist temples after they have been blessed by the monks in the temple.  Many of these amulets are antiques dating back to over a century old, as according to a Thai tradition, before building a stupa/ temple an amulet is often placed below. And are found in the structural remains of these temples. Few of the types of the Thai amulets are: Lp Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Porcupine, Phra Somej, Phra nang phaya, Phra rod, Thai Buddhist Luang Por Sotorn Loi Ongk amulet, Phra Pidta Thai Amulet etc. Let’s get to know about some of them:

Phra somej: this is one of the most important of all the Thai amulets. It’s also called the ‘king amulet’. This amulet helps bring peace in one life. It can also be used for better health, better relationships and blocking disasters. In this amulet the buddha is seated on three- level throne and it does not have eyes, nose or mouth.

Lp Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Porcupine: Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho was very famous for Buddha with Animal Amulet called “Phra Luangpho Parn” that can help owner in many aspects such as good luck, wealth, protection, etc. Porcupine is a small wild animal with sharp hair as weapon, it is hard to be harm. Very good for protection and against competitor.

Phra pidta: it is also known as a protective amulet. In this amulet the buddha often shown to covers its eyes. Its most appropriately called ‘closed eye buddha’. It brings luck and prosperity to the wearer.

Phra rod: the Thai people regard this particular amulet as Buddha of Escape. They are known for special powers in protection and being safe from disasters. They are of made of clay.

Phra nang phaya: it is a double-sided amulet. It is said that it is half good and half bad. Unlike other amulets this is worn only below the waist e.g.: To be placed in one’s pocket or under the bed (at a lower place). This amulet brings good luck for women and protection from any harm/danger.

These amulets are often worth millions of baht (monetary unit of Thailand). The value of an amulet increases with its scarcity. The prized ones were made by veteran monks, but many forgeries are mass-produced nowadays and are sold to the tourists.


These days Thai amulets has little to do with Buddhism and more with making money and selling superstition, as opposed to higher consciousness of Lord Buddha. These amulets are supposed to remind the individual of the path of Buddha and his commitment to that path. But this has been transformed into a profitable business. Approximately 1.25 billion dollars’ worth of Buddhist charms are sold every year in Thailand. Some of them are limited edition and are sold at exuberant prices. The replicas are so common and are so expertly made that spotting them requires a well- trained eye. Palming off worthless fakes on unsuspecting customers has become a common scam at some of the Buddhist temples.

In closing, Thai amulets are a part of a rich Buddhist tradition, which is pawned off as magic and superstition by enterprising Thai temples. Some believe that according to Buddhism, amulets do not contain special powers and only karma can determine our path.

Adventures In Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country in Asia, providing the wide variety of diverse experiences for the visitors. Malaysia is a combination of various cultures that have enabled a unique mixture of designs and cuisines making Malaysia as a True Asia. A trip around Malaysia will revolve around the food, shopping and nature. Apart from this, many tourist appreciates the range of many adventurous activities. Malaysia adventure holidays will include culture, history, walking, climbing, water activities, hiking and many more. there’s lot more to enjoy in Malaysia than shopping. Enjoy all the thrilling activities available in and around the major cities of Malaysia.

ATV Ride can be thrilling experience to anyone. An ATV is a quad bike that can travel on muddy trails. An ATV ride in Kuala Lumpur will take the passengers along the sides of river and through jungles for almost two hours. Bungee jumping is another famous activity in Malaysia. The travelers can jump from the height of 72 feet in Selangor Sunway Lagoon. Flyboarding is one of the unusual activity found in Malaysia, in which the fly boarders will stand on a board in the water, streams of water will propel the rider into the air.

Enormous games at Genting Highland. Genting is a home to the only gaming hub in Malaysia. There are wide variety of games along with some game tables which will be opened 24/7 for the visitors. There are often many online games provided to enthrall the visitors, is one of the notable websites to play online. Trekking at Pahang, the tallest peak in Malaysia is Gunung Tahan. Before attempting for a trek make sure that you have guide beside you and it needs endurance, fitness And a strong sense of adventure.

At the ranges of west Malaysia, it features some of the diving spots. Redang is a small island which has got more than 20 dive sites. The diving experience will be beyond everything that words could ever express, the endless corals, reefs and marine species will leave you mesmerized. White river rafting can be experienced at Kampar River, the trill from the rafting can be obtained through the dense forest. Langkawi attracts millions of visitors every year for its beaches, relaxation and shopping. The tourist can enjoy different activities at Langkawi like Parasailing, jet skiing and skydiving.

Malaysia is a best place for those who wants to experience the various adventures all at one place.


First Stop – Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa

If you are going to visit Sentosa, there is the high possibility that you’ll chance upon Imbiah Lookout first. It’s just as well because most of the attractions in Sentosa are clustered on this one location.

The challenge really is to choose which attractions you’ll wish to experience. Now, if you’re on a Sentosa package that wouldn’t be such a problem as your whole itinerary in the island is being taken cared of. You’ll only have to choose which package will mostly appeal to your sense of adventure. Sentosa tour packages can be purchased at Sentosa Station or from online club while playing (Vivocity Lobby L, Level 3).

Getting around Sentosa on your own is quite alright too. That way you can take your own sweet time in exploring each and every attractions. You don’t have any schedules to stick to and leaves you more time to get those pictures perfectly taken.

Personally, having tried both, I like to have a go at it on my own. But then, that’s just me. You may like your tour completely organized whereas I simply avoid anything that remotely resembles a schedule if I can get away with it. 🙂

Now, some of the attractions you’ll encounter in Imbiah Lookout are as follows:

Images of Singapore

You’ll get a glimpse of Sinapore’s history of cultural diversity. They have these wide collections of books, garments and other stuff from different ethnic culture that would descriptively show its visitors the essence of Singapore.

Best for tourist with a penchant for getting the feel of the culture of a certain place.

Tiger Sky Tower

Towering 131 meters above sea level, the Tiger Sky Tower will treat you to a breathtaking 360 degrees view Singapore, Sentosa and even some part of neighboring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. It offers a great vantage point in taking pictures of the whole island.

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

I’ve never been to this place but judging from its name, it must be every entomomologist’s paradise.

Skyride and Luge

This is actually rides. The Skyride is more like a cable car but it’s not enclosed. There’s just you and the sky above or the depths below and of course, your seat that’s dangled on a rope.

The luge is like a go-kart that will cruise you downhill along a 650-meter paved track. It’s pure excitement to feel the wind in your face and the rush of adrenaline.

Sentosa Cinemablast and 4D Magix.

Going to the cinemas has never been this real! It’s a completely different experience as it engages all your senses and the Cinemablast has this simulator that would induce you to feeling the excitement and thrill of the ride.

The Merlion is also one of the attractions in Imbiah Lookout but since this is such a compelling icon, I’ll give it the respect it deserves by writing a different post for it. Do watch out for it!

5 Exciting Place To Travel In Singapore

  1. Visiting Kampong in Lorong Buangkok
    It only takes about 20 minutes by bus from the city center area as you can until the last Kampong (meaning village) in Lorong Buangkok. This is the only bright spot of Singapore between urbanization storm. Ramparts behind trees, this vast land only a few houses with extremely modest life, in contrast to the bustle of the city luxuries.
  2. Shopping in Mustafa
    Located in Little India, Mustafa shopping center is always crowded tourists because open 24 hours. This center is one of the favorite shopping addresses of locals and tourists because of commodity abundance, diversity and moderate price. In particular, where you can bargain almost all items, from clothing, perfume, souvenirs, electronics, cosmetics, confectionery to food.
  3. Divination
    If you want to know the luck in the coming year your money, you can see a hexagram horoscope Kwan Im Thong Hood temple Kong Meng San Phor Cho or Kark. Also, along the Waterloo also had several teachers walking along with fortune telling parrot, they often predict the outcome of football matches.
  4. Experience the vibrant nightlife
    When night falls, Singapore put on a different image with vibrant nightlife and diverse entertainment choices. There are many nightclubs for those who love to party; play sportsbook, many bars, tea rooms to gourmet and entertainment areas for those who prefer the bustling atmosphere.
  5. Enjoy the cuisine of the indigenous way
    If you want to enjoy like the Singapore cuisine without spending a lot of money, the hawker center is an ideal address. You can find Indian dishes, Chinese dishes, dishes Malaysia … in the hawker center with affordable prices and of course the quality is also very great.

In addition, here are a few suggestions to help you discover the cuisine of Singapore like the natives:

  • Drinking coffee in plastic cups.
  • Enjoy ice cream sandwich clamp, this dish is often sold along Orchard Road.
  • Eat Breakfast Singapore style with coffee or tea, eggs and toast peach kaya.
  • Taste of durian.
  • Try the desserts like ice chendol or kachang.
  • Roti prata Enjoy.
  • Take part in a cooking class.